Toyota Kata learner board in mind map format

I’m a GTD (Getting Things Done) guy so I am looking problems as a project so if something appears in my mind more than once then I capture that thought(s), clarify then, organize them, reflect on them. As a result, I’m don’t miss any valuable thoughts so my project list keeps growing which is normal.

I have been thinking for a while how can I apply Toyota Kata principles in my 26 projects directly. The worst thing is my number of projects seems to be growing.

Improvement Kata Model

For example, I want to lose weight. My current weight is 83 kg and I want to be 73 kg in 4 months. I have no weight problem, I have lost weight project. So how can I apply Toyota Kata style problem-solving technique into lost weight project?

According to the Toyota Kata, I need a coach and I need a storyboard but my lost weight project I don’t have any coach or I don’t have any place for the storyboard.

For my every project I have a folder. In that folder, I have mindmap files belongs to a project. I am using the mind map as a placeholder. So I wonder if I can use the mind map style storyboard because I want to track my kata steps electronically in mind maps styles so I ‘ve started some experiments.

First I started with the direction/challenge which is “Lose Weight (Direction)” then tried to identify my current condition into 2 parts. First part is my current outcome metrics. The second part is my current pattern that causes me to gain weight.

As you can see in the current outcome metrics branch, I entered my current weight at the date 29.08.2018 which was 83 kgs and I realized that I haven’t made the blood test.

Overall picture — Kata in mindmap style

On the other hand, I have 3 bad patterns that I identified. I love eating dessert, I don’t make exercises regularly and I can eat food any time, especially at nights.

After that phase, I put my target condition on 4 points till 29 th of September 2018. First I want to come 80 kgs until 29.09.2018 (I was 83). My challenge is to reach 73 kgs but I can not jump to 73 kgs in the one step so my next target is to reach 80 kgs.

The second target point is I want to learn what is my cholesterol, triglycerides and other metrics in my blood so my next target condition is to go to the hospital until 29.09.2018.

The third target point is I want to walk every day for 30 mins. In order to reach that target at 29.09.2018, I observed 2 obstacles. One of them was no place to walk near the house and another obstacle was I can not measure how many steps I walked. I broke that 2 obstacles in total 6 experiments. I recorded every experiment. Mindmaps ‘s good point is I can easily see the connection between experiment — obstacle — target — current condition and the direction in one page.

The last target point is no eating after 19:30 which is hard because there were 2 obstacles. First obstacle is I need a mechanism to control my blood sugar pressure so tried 3 expriments and solved that obstacle (problem). The second obstacle is social events which are more easy to solve for me.

As a result, I can apply the Toyota Kata model in my every project. Mindmap is visual so I can see the connections easily and electronically.

Please give your feedback about mindmap approach.