JFall 2022 Highlights

JFall 2022 is one of the biggest developer conferences in the Netherlands since 2007 which attendees coming from all over the world.

I’ve attended this great conference and I want to share my thoughts about the event.

Venkat Subramaniam is one of the keynote speakers at JFall. I’ve attended his Design Patterns in the Light of Lambda Expressions session. It was great to see how easy and effective it was to implement design patterns within basic Java features.

Besides being a conference full of technical information, Jfall offered an environment where you could strengthen relationships at the same time. As an employee of ING Turkiye, it was a pleasure to meet our colleagues from ING Netherlands in person. Also, ING’s booth and especially their amazing coffee were amazing :)

One of the nice talks I had was with Tim van Baarsen from ING. He shared his real-life experiences on the popular Kafka and Spring topics.

It was great to meet Mauricio Aniche at the conference and receive her signed copy of “Effective Software Testing.

We last met face-to-face with Venkat Subramaniam at JavaDay Istanbul in 2019. It was great talking face-to-face again.

We had a fantastic day in JFall 2022.

Thank you to everyone who helped organize the event, as well as the speakers and sponsors. We look forward to seeing you in 2023!

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Business Agility lover, TDD guy, clean coder, non-stop learner.

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