Highlights of Flow Conf Istanbul 2022

3 min readOct 31, 2022

Flow Conf is one of the biggest agility conferences in the Türkiye since 2019 which attendees coming from Istanbul and all over the country.

I’m one of the organizers of Flow Conf 2022 and I want to share my thoughts about the event.

This year was a very special one for two reasons:

  • After two years of COVID, the 2022 conference was back to full attendance
  • It was the 4h year edition
Opening speech by Altuğ Bilgin Altıntaş

This year’s theme is “System Thinking” because we are entering a period where we have come to the end of thinking and doing business at the team level, and we need to see the whole picture.

Many thanks to the Reviewers team, who thoroughly examined the topics of this event and provided the guests with the best efficiency. Without them, Flow Conf would certainly not be of this quality.

The opening speech was made by Erhan Köseoğlu. He gave an eye-opening presentation to the participants about the paradoxes in transformation.

Later, our second key speaker, Murat Elmas, gave an impressive speech to the participants on OKR and Actions.

Flow Conf had two days of intense content. On the second day, David Anderson made the keynote speech.

We would like to thank Kanbanize and Agesa for their great contributions in making this beautiful event happen.

Flow Conf wasn’t just a conference. It was a meeting point for friends who did not see each other due to the pandemic, with surprise birthdays inside.

I hope to see you again next year at the Flow Conf 2023 event. Stay with agility.




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