From Scrum to Scrumban and then to Kanban

Did you watch Forrest gump? If not, I strongly advise you to watch this great film. At the beginning Forrest couldn’t walk properly so he went to the physician to fix that problem. The physician put a framework to Forrest’s legs in order to help him walk properly . This strict framework really helped Forrest’s walk process.

Phase 1

Forrest Gump. Day 1

Same as Forrest story, low matured organizations might need such strict frameworks/methodologies like Scrum. Low matured organization’s processes might not good enough so new frameworks/methodologies might introduce new ways of work (processes). Two week sprints or new roles like Scrum master is such an examples of a new installed process to these low matured organizations.

Phase 2

After the framework was attached to Forrest’s legs, he started to walk or even run with small steps with pain. Pain is normal in that phase because the framework is forcing Forrest’s postures.

Forrest Gump starts running with constraints (Scrum)

Low mature organizations might start to run with help of frameworks which is great. In other words, the organization’s maturity level is improving.

Phase 3

Life is challenging. Forrest needed to run faster in that case the framework didn’t not fit to the new situations. So Forrest had to break the constraints in order to run faster and efficiently. In other words Forrest adjusted himself to the new conditions.

Forrest Gump starts running (Scrumban)

Conditions are changing fast so we need to adapt to the new situations fast in order to survive. From an organizational point of view this phase you can merge different methodologies with the Kanban method. Scrumban might be used in that phase.

Phase 4

After the challenging situation Forrest Gump breaks the constraints and runs by himself. Running freely is the ultimate goal in that journey.

Forrest Gump is running (Kanban)

Kanban doesn’t put any constraints on you. The Kanban method makes you run faster and more effectively. Every organization should find their own way (culture). The Kanban method helps you to find your own way. If organizational maturity is low then you can use framework/methodologies but the ultimate goal is find your own way and run.